The possibility of learning a language independently opens up a whole world of opportunities to the language learner. Many students lack the confidence to start off on their own and for this reason it is essential to form part of a language learning community that can give you the encouragement to set your own goals and learn effectively. When a person learns in a group class in a conventional language school, they are unable to dictate the pace of the class or even the content of the classes, they are in the teacher’s hands and if they happen to have a teacher that struggles with organisation or lesson planning, they might waste time or learn in an ineffective way.

The main obstacle to learning a language independently is time. People struggle to find sufficient time in their busy routines to be able to learn in a consistent way and progress as they wish. This results in lack of motivation and failure. Having said that, we would like to show the positives of learning a language by yourself. If you study from home, you can study whenever you want, this makes it easier to manage your learning and split it up into short, manageable blocks of 15-30 minutes. Our platform will give you the necessary advice to establish a study timetable and reach your language goals.

One of the keys to success is to know what your want to achieve, find the support you need and work towards your specific language learning goal.


The benefits of learning in a collaborative way on our platform include:


Set your own goals

Learning general language and exam technique in order to pass an exam are two separate things that require different study patterns and skills. Know what you want to achieve and work alongside people with a similar objective.


Go at your own pace

Each person has unique language learning goals. For this reason one of the principal aspects of your profile specifies your language learning goals and sorts you into groups with people who seek to achieve the same objectives as you. Whether you are learning to prepare for an exam or just for enjoyment, you will find like minded people right here.


Study whatever you want, whenever you want

The benefits of being part of an active language learning community is that it creates a great support network in which learners can collaborate and study with others towards your language learning goals. As this is an international network, you can learn and interact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is ample material to support you, no matter what your language learning goal might be.


Save time

Time Wasting is probably the biggest obstacle to learning a language. All of our free material and courses have been designed by language learners and teachers to provide a valuable resource and help you to save time and progress at your own pace.


Enjoy your language learning

On of the main objectives of our platform is to make language learning fun! It is crystal clear that if the learner enjoys the process, they will make far better progress. Having real conversations and seeing your progress in an interactive way is one of the most satisfying parts of learning a language. We have provided an abundance of resources to ensure that you will always know what to talk about and progress in a structured way, no matter your language learning goal, you will find it on Intercambioidiomas.


With our platform, you will have the tools at your disposal to stay motivated and interact with other language learners. You will be amazed by the mass of content available and our step by step process will ensure that you can speak about both familiar and unfamiliar topics in no time.

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