As language learning enters the technological era, learners are, of course, keen to check out the latest language learning apps to boost their skills. We have seen a huge rise in the creation of language apps, with the majority of them focusing on vocabulary acquisition or reinforcement of grammar structures, but there seems to be a gap in the market yet to be filled… until now!

Magiclingua has coined the phrases, “The app for your tongue. not your thumb”. This app uses the latest technology and voice recognition to work on those tricky speaking and listening skills, and not just simply fill in gaps to memorize vocabulary. Their method combines artificial intelligence with human interaction to reinforce the importance of learning through conversation and the focus is on real-life conversations. This app has the potential to rival the very biggest and best apps on the market such as Babbel or Duolingo as it allows learners to speak with confidence through its easy to follow 3-step-process. Learners simply watch a video tutorial, practice speaking with AI and then book an optional 1:1 video chat class with a native tutor to have a real conversation about what they have learnt, the video chats are part of the pro-package and come at an affordable price. Through these bitesize lessons of about 30 minutes, learners really feel their progress and master both sentence structure and vocabulary usage. What’s more, this state of the art app corrects pronunciation and vocabulary usage to enhance accuracy.

The app for your tongue. not your thumb.

Both us the producers of Intercambioidiomas and Magiclingua believe in the importance of human interaction to get guidance and stay motivated during the learning process. We both have easy to follow, step by step plans that provide learners with all of the necessary grammar and expressions to communicate with confidence. The video tutorials are interesting, informative and easy to follow; the great thing about them is they can be repeated as many times as you like, allowing the learner to reinforce memory and perfect sentence structure. You, as the learner, will love the practical tips to ease pronunciation and the best thing is that you are given the means to practice your newly acquired skills in a real-life context.

Currently Magiclingua is available for the learning of German and Spanish, but this ambitions team of linguists and developers are eager to amplify their reach and add more languages in the near future. So, if you are looking to meet other language learners, get guidance and speak a foreign language with confidence, what are you waiting for?

“The app has not been launched yet, but beta subscriptions are currently available on Kickstarter at discounted prices starting at $39..” Kickstarter link HERE

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