It is common knowledge that children learn faster than adults right? I remember reading something about the plasticity of their brains and the fact that they are not afraid of making mistakes during my teacher training, but what I do not fully understand is why some of my personal experience tells me a different story completely.

Some of the most talented language students that I have had the privilege to meet and teach were in fact adults. From further research, I have come to realise that the age issue of language learning is in fact, debatable. There are those who insist that you must learn a language from an early age, but this tends only to influence pronunciation. What we don´t know is that adults tend to make faster progress when they are focused (and have time), and also they usually perform better on standardized tests.

Age is not an obstacle to language learning, all you need is motivation!

An important part of language learning that we want to discuss with you is the reason that people learn language. Our motivations normally vary from career orientated motives to social and cultural reasons. Children tend to learn for enjoyment or academic purposes whereas adults learn because of their jobs. We cannot stress more the importance of enjoyment on learning. If you can learn to enjoy learning, you will learn at a much greater speed.

What we are trying to get across here is that you can learn a language as an adult, you just need the time to practise, the opportunity to meet other people and have the tools to be able to learn. Intercambioidiomasonline can provide all of these factors for you to ease the learning process. What we have created is our dream platform, just what we wish we had had at our disposal when we were learning languages. The app has been designed by language teachers and language learners with the focus being on making it easier for you!

The importance of learning a foreign language has never been apparent as it is today, with there said to be 750 million people learning English alone. The importance of having the opportunity to be fluent in a language and thus, enhance your employability is essential. This is why the impact of technology on language learning is so exciting, it allows us to learn when and where we like and let’s face it; that is an amazing thing!

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