It might have been one of your new year’s resolutions, or perhaps you have always wanted to learn a foreign language, but getting started always seemed like too much of a challenge because of time constraints or the cost involved. In recent years there has been a lot of interest shown in the area of language learning and various companies have invested in language learning Apps. This new field is exciting for us language enthusiasts because it opens the door to new language learning opportunities.

Several of these learning Apps have become extremely popular because of the ease by which people can have contact with a foreign language. They are fantastic for picking up the basics and learning vocabulary, however, they are generally missing one essential element; contact with other language learners! One essential part of learning a language is the ability to communicate with other people in a real conversation. Despite the fact that voice recognition technology is fantastic nowadays and it exists so that we can check our pronunciation from the comfort of our own homes, these skills are useless unless we put them into practice in a real conversation; and for that there is no substitute.  

The most effective way to learn a language is to speak to another human being and learn in a consistent way.

Intercambioidiomasonline offers all of our learners just this, contact with real people anytime and anywhere. You can now simply join our language community and speak to other people who like you, want to learn another language. The importance of having real conversations cannot be stressed more in the learning of a foreign language. Of course it is essential to have a balanced approach and to use all of the language skills, but a communicative approach is always the quickest to achieve fluency.

To make your lives easier, we also offer a structures language learning process with an innovative method called START that will help you to communicate with ease. We provide 1000s of example questions so that you will always have new topics of conversation. We have a vast experience in teaching-learning process of foreign languages and all of our resources have been written by polyglots who like you, have learned a language as an adult. What we realise is that there are two key factors for the learning of a language. The first being, the opportunity to practise. The second being, a structured approach to learning the language. If you do not have anyone to practise with, you will usually lack motivation and if you do not have access to useful material, you will waste a great deal of time in looking for them.

Our aim is to increase our language learning community to make language learning affordable and enjoyable for everyone. We are passionate about languages and see languages as the future to bridge cultural gaps and also promote a more collaborative society. What we focus on is the person behind the screen and your opinions are important to us. For this reason, the basic App is completely free! Anyone can use it for an unlimited time, you simply choose if you want to have a structured learning method or not.

So at Intercambioidiomasonline you will meet like-minded people, with amazing experiences that they just can’t wait to share. Come and learn together. Enjoy your learning, enjoy your life!

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