Role-play is a powerful way to enhance your fluency in a language and encourage you to speak in a flexible way.

Imagine that you are having a heated conversation with your partner about money because one of you (person 2) always spends a lot more than the other person (person 1). Talk about the importance of saving money, not wasting money and spending your money wisely nowadays.


Useful questions:


Person 1:

  • How much did you spend on…?
  • Why don´t you save more?
  • How about getting a savings account?
  • Would you like to set a budget?
  • What is the best way to save money and not overspend?
  • Do you struggle to afford the things you want?


Person 2:

  • How can I save more on my bills?
  • Do you really think I waste money?
  • Don’t you think I need more money?
  • How can you afford to buy everything you need?
  • What advice do you have for me?
  • Who taught you how to handle money?
  • Should I plan the way I spend my money?
  • How can I earn more money?
  • Have you always been good with money?



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