Role-play is a powerful way to enhance your fluency in a language and encourage you to speak in a flexible way.

Imagine that you are having a heated conversation between the boss and an employee. The boss wants to sack the employee for not working as they should and the employee is defending their actions.


Useful questions:



  • Do you have any excuses for your lateness?
  • Why do you constantly miss deadlines?
  • What is with your poor attitude and appearance?
  • Is there are reason for your poor productivity?
  • Could you explain why you have failed to work appropriately?
  • Why is your work never up to scratch?



  • Could you explain to me what I have done wrong?
  • What appears to be the problem?
  • Is it really my fault that…?
  • Can I have another opportunity?
  • Do you think that you could have been more supportive?
  • Why are I being punished for…?
  • Would you be willing to show me how to do my job more effectively?
  • Is there any way that I could improve and have another chance?



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