What do we use comparative adjectives for?

We use comparative to talk about the similarities and differences between different things.


Comparing two things: She is taller than me. You are better looking than your dad.

(NORMAL) tall = taller, short = shorter

(IRREGULAR) good = better, bad = worse

(DOUBLE) big = bigger, fat = fatter

(…IER) Happy = happier, funny = funnier

(LONG) expensive = more expensive


Comparing a group of things: It is the tallest building. They are the most expensive glasses in the shop.

(NORMAL) tall = the tallest, short = the shortest

(IRREGULAR) good = the best, bad = the worst

(DOUBLE) big = the biggest, fat = the fattest

(…IER) happy = the happiest, funny = the funniest

(LONG) expensive = the most expensive

Similarities: I am as funny as my brother. It is the same as yours.


as… as = the same as

I am as good-looking as my twin brother.

You aren´t as talkative as me.



(adjective + enough) My car is fast enough

(Enough + noun) I don´t have enough money


Too: too is a negative aspect of something

It was too expensive and I couldn´t afford it

I have too much furniture in my house


So: so + adjective

He is so cool that I want to be just like him. He is my idol.


Such: such + adjective + noun

That was such an awful meal that I won´t go back.



Practice questions:

  1. Are you better than you speaking partner at English?
  2. Who is the cleverest person in your family?
  3. Do you practice your English enough?
  4. What aspect of English do you find too hard?
  5. Are you as optimistic as your best friend?
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