Comparative adjectives:

  1. We use comparative to talk about the similarities and differences between different things.


Comparing two things: She is taller than me. You are better looking than your dad.

(NORMAL) tall = taller, short = shorter

(IRREGULAR) good = better, bad = worse

(DOUBLE) big = bigger, fat = fatter

(…IER) Happy = happier, funny = funnier

(LONG) expensive = more expensive


Comparing a group of things: It is the tallest building. They are the most expensive glasses in the shop.

(NORMAL) tall = the tallest, short = the shortest

(IRREGULAR) good = the best, bad = the worst

(DOUBLE) big = the biggest, fat = the fattest

(…IER) happy = the happiest, funny = the funniest

(LONG) expensive = the most expensive

Similarities: I am as funny as my brother. It is the same as yours.



(adjective + enough) My car is fast enough

(Enough + noun) I don´t have enough money



It was too expensive and I couldn´t afford it

I have too much furniture in my house


So: so + adjective

He is so cool that I want to be just like him. He is my idol.


Such: such + adjective + noun

That was such an awful meal that I won´t go back.



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