Example: Be up for – fancy (gerund)

Are you up for starting a business in the near future?


  1. Be mixed up in – be involved in

You had better not be involved in arguments at work?

  1. Carry out – realize something

We are carrying out a really important project at work right now.

  1. Come up with – have an idea

Have you come up with a plan of action to tackle this project?

  1. Deal with – have under control

I can deal with a lot of pressure at work before a deadline

  1. Drop out of – not participate in

I have dropped out of the running for the manager’s job as I am not well qualified enough

  1. End up – what will occur

Did the project end up being a success?

  1. Get on (with) – start working

We should get on with our work and stop gossiping.

  1. Get out (of) – not have to do

He is so lazy and always gets out of the complicated projects.

  1. Give in – quit

You ought to try your best and never give in.

  1. Go over – review

We ought to go over the numbers before handing in the report to the boss.

  1. Kick off – stop working

I always start with a coffee to kick off the working day.

  1. Knuckle down – start working

It isn´t easy to knuckle down with so much commotion in the office.

  1. Press on – get on with your work

We had better press on if we are to meet the deadline.

14. Push on – continue working

It can be hard to push on when one finds so many obstacles in their path.

  1. Set out (infinitive) – plan some work

We didn´t set out to finish on Friday, but it all went well and we managed it.

  1. Set to – get started

We set to work on the next project immediately as we were still eager to progress.

  1. Set up – start a business

I would love to set up an online business sooner or later.

  1. Shut down – close a business

My father´s business shut down last year.

  1. Snow under – be overwhelmed

It is never a good idea to snow under or overwhelm new employees, you should ease them in.

  1. Take on – hire

We hired a community manager last week to sought out our marketing on social media.

  1. Turn out (infinitive) – end up (gerund)

The project turned out to be a great success!

  1. Take over – assume control

As soon as we find the funds, we will take our closest rivals over.

  1. Wind down – slowly come to an end

We have all wound down our projects in the last few weeks before Christmas so we can have a good break.

  1. Wind up – gradually go out of business

The local shops have all wound up over the last few years.

  1. Work on – focus a lot of attention on something

We ought to work on the SEO on our site to make sure that it is optimized and reaches our target audience.


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