Example: Work out – do exercise


  1. Sign up for – do/join a team or club
  2. Join in – participate
  3. Feel up (to) – feel well enough to
  4. Cut down (on) – reduce the amount of
  5. Get over – recover from
  6. Look after – take care of
  7. Put on – gain weight
  8. Pass/black out – faint/become unconscious
  9. Go/come down with – become ill
  10. Bring on – cause an illness
  11. Warm up – prepare for something
  12. Swell up – become inflamed
  13. Get rid of – throw/give away or sell
  14. Pull through – recover from
  15. Pass away – die



Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition:


  1. Have you ever come _____ with the flu a day before a big event?
  2. Do you take a long time to get _____ illnesses?
  3. Should you cut _____ on any type of unhealthy food?
  4. Who looks _____ you when you are sick?
  5. When you are ill, do you normally feel _____ to going to work?
  6. Don´t you think that you ought to sign _____ to a gym?
  7. Why is it so important to warm _____ before doing exercise?
  8. Have you ever passed _____ in a public place?
  9. Do you put _____ weight easily if you eat unhealthy food?
  10. What can bring _____ a cold?



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