1. Come up with – have an idea
  2. We have come up with a solution to all of the issues at work.
    1. Look forward to – be eager (infinitive)
  3. I am looking forward to working with you this coming year.
    1. Make up – invent/make peace with (sb)

    You really shouldn’t make things up like that if you want to be trusted.

    1. Look after – take care of

    You ought to look after your belongings better.

    1. Put off – postpone/delay

    The concert was put off until Sunday due to the awful weather forecast.

    1. Find out – get to know about something

    Did you find out if we needed to plan anything for next week?

    1. Pick up – collect/learn

    Why don’t we pick the kids up from camp a day early?

    1. Turn out – have result

    They didn´t turn out the way I expected.

    1. Run out of – not have anything left

    We have run out of milk so we better go to the shop.

    1. Go/carry/keep on – continue

    It might be a good idea to carry on studying for a year.

    1. Get around – move from one place to another

    How do you usually get around your city?

    1. Give up – stop/quit

    We should give up before someone reports us.

    1. Go out – leave the house

    I didn’t go out last night because of the awful weather.

    1. Turn up – arrive/get to a place

    Why didn’t you turn up to my birthday party?

    1. Work out – resolve/exercise

    We ought to work out what the problem is?

    1. Come across – find (by coincidence)

    It was weird when we came across that random person in the bar.

    1. Put up with – tolerate

    I find it difficult to put up with that annoying noise.

    1. Watch out – be careful

    We better watch out to see if things develop well or not.

    1. Carry out – accomplish/do

    The researcher carried out a thorough investigation.

    1. Get across – communicate an idea

    It can be difficult to get your message across when people aren’t willing to listen.



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