Use these practical travel phrases on your next trip to achieve fluency in English. It is essential to use this vocabulary in context and with practical examples that you know you will say in real life. See our vocabulary topics HERE to have a full vocabulary list and try our vocabulary activities HERE:

  1. Book = reserve

I have booked a 4 star hotel in the city centre.

  1. Arrange = organise

Is it important to arrange every part of your trip before you go?

  1. Miss = not catch

We missed our flight because we didn´t reach the airport on time.

  1. Sightsee = see monuments

I fancy sightseeing this afternoon instead of hanging out by the pool.

  1. Sunbathe = lie in the sun

My wife enjoys sunbathing much more than me.

  1. Get/go away = go on holiday/escape

It is a good idea to go away at least once a year.

  1. Set off = start a journey

What time do we need to set off tomorrow?

  1. Pick up = collect

Could you pick me up from the airport this evening?

  1. Get around = move from place to place

How do you normally get around when you are away on holiday?

  1. Drop off = leave in a place

I will drop you off at the train station, if you like.

  1. Get back = return

What time did you get back from your trip last night?

  1. Make for = head in a direction

I am making for the bus station to start my long journey home.

  1. Check in = enter a hotel/flight

We checked into the hotel and left our luggage in the room.

  1. Check out = leave a hotel

We checked out of the hotel and called a taxi to take us to the airport.

  1. Take off = the plane leaves the ground

The plane took off and we started to watch the in flight movie.

  1. Land = when the plane goes to ground

The plane landed smoothly even though it was extremely windy.

  1. Look around = explore

I can´t wait to look around the city and take some photos.

  1. Hurry up = go faster

We need to hurry up if we are going to catch the train.

  1. Check out = look at

I want to check out the Natural History Museum, I hear it is amazing!

  1. Look forward to = be excited about

I am looking forward to trying the local cuisine.

  1. See off = say goodbye at the airport etc.

My parents saw me off at the airport the first time I went travelling.

  1. Take advantage of = make good use of

We should take advantage of the opportunity to practise our German.

  1. Unwind = disconnect

I managed to unwind a lot when I went to the beach last month.

  1. Go with the flow = be flexible

It is easier to go with the flow so that we don´t have an argument.

  1. Can´t help (ing) = can´t avoid (ing)

I can´t help trying to speak the local language when I am away.



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