“5 THINGS” is a free speaking paired activity that aims to increase a language learner’s capacity to be flexible with language use. The speaker needs to avoid repetition and give original answers based on the topic. The idea is to give 5 examples in a mini-monologue and also some reasons behind them, and then the second speaker should accumulate 5 more examples without repeating any of the previous 5. This process continues until one of the speakers either repeats, hesitates or cannot think of anything to say.


Ideas for topics could be:

  • 5 things I have done today
  • 5 things I have learned in my life
  • 5 reasons that I want to learn a foreign language
  • 5 reasons that travel is good for you
  • 5 reasons that you should exercise regularly
  • 5 foods that I would love to try
  • 5 things that I need on a daily basis
  • 5 things that you should never say to your partner (spouse etc.)


The activity starts off being quite easy, but it later becomes trickier and trickier as more things are said. It is an elaboration of the accumulation game HERE for more advanced speakers.

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