Jeapody is a classic vocabulary activity that is used across the world with language learners. It can be adapted to any type of word patterns HERE, collocations HERE or phrasal verbs HERE.

Jeapody is a simple game in which learners of English can test their understanding of phrasal verbs. Each person needs a copy of this WORKSHEET to play the game. Students must match the 21 verbs with the 21 prepositions to form phrasal verbs. They should match them by taking turns to cross out a verb and preposition, like Blow up and then make a sentence with it, such as “The terrorist blew up the building in a terrorist attack”. If they do this correctly, they will get a point, if not, the turn passes to the other person. It starts off quite easy and gets more and more difficult as you go on because you cannot repeat verbs or prepositions.

The person with most points at the end of the activity is the winner!

Use the table provided in the PDF document JEAPODY PHRASAL VERBS GAME

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