An extension of Gerund vs Infinitive grammar is to learn how to add an object into the mix. If you haven’t already seen it, look at our full verb list HERE to once and for all settle this difficult grammar point.

With reference to the object that is included in the examples; this object can be a person (somebody or someone) or alternatively a thing (something).


Full infinitive

Force somebody to do something

You shouldn’t force children to be silent

Oblige somebody to do something

I would never oblige someone to spend time with me

Obligate somebody to do something

It is wrong to obligate people to follow a specific religion

Expect somebody to do something

It can be an error to expect people to help you all the time

Get somebody to do something

It can be difficult to get my students to study in their free time

Encourage somebody to do something

I would encourage you to listen to my advice

Convince somebody to do something

I can convince anyone to stick to the rules

Tell somebody to do something

I rarely tell my kids to behave themselves

Allow somebody to do something

My parents always used to allow me to go out in the afternoons

Advise somebody to do something

I would advise you to download the ebook

Beg somebody to do something

I hate begging people to listen in class

Cause somebody to do something

The other driver caused me to crash my car

Remind somebody to do something

Could you remind me to pick up the dry cleaning tomorrow?

Want somebody to do something

I want you to listen to me very carefully

Need someone to do something

I need the web designer to take a look at it

Would like someone to do something

I would like you to give me a hand


Bare infinitive (TO)

Make somebody do something

You often make me feel frustrated

Let somebody do something

Will you let me finish before interrupting?

See somebody do something

I saw the man steal the purse

Hear somebody do something

I heard her unlock the door

Watch somebody do something

I usually watch my wife get ready

Observe somebody do something

He observed the lawyer give a speech

Notice somebody do something

I have noticed you tie your shoes in a strange way

Listen to somebody do something

I listened to the doctor explain the situation

Smell somebody do something

The dog smells the food cook

Have somebody do something

I had the decorators paint my house

Dare someone to do something

I dare you to give me a kiss


Either full or bare infinitive

Help somebody to do something

Would you help me to put on my jacket?

Help somebody do something

Would you mind helping me prepare for the exam?



We use the gerund when something is in progress and it has the meaning of “while it is happening”.

See somebody doing something

I saw her running away

Hear somebody doing something

I heard them breaking into the house

Watch somebody doing something

I watched you doing it

Observe somebody doing something

I observed the police speeding away

Witness somebody doing something

I witness the politician accepting the bribe

Sense somebody doing something

I sensed something going wrong

Listen to somebody doing something

I listened to my boss breaking down the business proposal

Notice somebody doing something

I noticed you coming in late last night


Try practising this grammar point HERE

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