B1 level phrasal verbs are simple. Students are not required to fully understand phrasal verbs, but they should acquire a basic knowledge of them and know how to substitute simple vocabulary, for example: instead of DO SPORT = WORK OUT.


1. Hang out (with) – spend time with

I enjoy hanging out with my friends at weekends. Especially when we go to the cinema or shopping centre.


2. Wash up – Clean the plates

I hate washing up after eating my dinner; it is so boring.


3. Get into – start liking

I got into jogging about a year ago. I feel much fitter than I used to.


Also try, Be into = like

I am into reading in my free time; it helps me to relax.


4. Put off – postpone/delay

We will have to put off the meeting until next week. 


5. Go for – choose

I am not sure which to degree to go for, it is a really difficult decision.


6. Run out of – not have any left/remaining

Could you go to the shop? We have run out of milk and bread.


7. Find out – discover information

Last week, I found out that I failed the final exam on the course. I will need to retake it next month.


8. Throw away – put in the bin

You should never throw away plastic; it should be recycled.


9. Look after – take care of

It is very important to look after your friends and family because they will always help you when you need them.


10. Go out – go clubbing or leave the house

I go out once or twice a week with friends. I probably wond do it as much when I am older so I will have fun now.




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