Getting to grips with phrasal verbs can be a challenging task. Try to learn phrasal verbs in context and with frequency. For B2 level English, learners should know how to use and understand around 200 different phrasal verbs. You must know how to use phrasal verbs like: take advantage of = make the most of. Here is a great little list to get you started.


1. Get by – survive

I can get by in English, but my French is a little rusty.

I can´t get by on my salary. I should get a second job.


2. Brush up on – improve something you are rusty at

I ought to brush up on my German grammar as I commit far too many errors.


3. Come up with – to have an idea

Come on, let´s hurry up. We need to come up with a solution before the meeting at 5:00.


4. Look forward to – be excited about

Are you looking forward to starting university next year. Fresher´s week is said to be amazing!


5. Take up – start doing an activity

Are you interested in taking up a new hobby in the coming year?


6. Get around – move from A to B

I usually get around my city on foot as everything is just around the corner. It is a smally and quaint city.


7. Drop out (of) – leave/stop attending a course

I would think twice before dropping out of university. It could be a massive mistake as you only have one year to go.


8. Deal with – handle a situation/have everything under control

Dealing with personal problems can be a challenging task. Especially when you feel that you lach support from your friends and family.


9. Come across – find by coincidence

Wouldn´t it be great if you came across a $50 bill on the floor as you were walking down the street?


10. End up – do in the end

Last night I ended up sleeping with one of my best friends; it is going to be really awkward next time we meet up with everyone.




For extra practice, see our posts on phrasal verbs HERE and HERE. They include essential advice for the learning of phrasal verbs.

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