Achieving advanced level English is quite a challenge. Try taking in these advanced level phrasal verbs to help you on your way to English fluency.


1. Freak out – go crazy

The students are going to freak out when they find out that they have got out of doing the exam.


2. Mess up – make a mistake

We have really messed up this time and ought to make amends.


3. Cheat on – have an affair

I couldn’t believe it when I found out about my wife cheating on me.


4. Check out – take a look

If I were you, I’d check out the opening times before you set off.


5. Wind up – annoy

Instead of winding up your brother like that, perhaps you should give him a hand, don´t you think?


6. Lay off – fire/sack

We had to lay off just over 30% of our workforce as part of the takeover.


7. Wear out – exhaust

I wore out the dog when we went for a run. I must be in great shape or maybe he is just getting old.


8. Be up for – be eager (infinitive)

I might be up for going out later if you fancy it. What kind of thing were you thinking?


9. Knuckle down – concentrate on something

If I were you, I’d knuckle down and get some studying done before the weekend is up.


10. Figure out – discover the solution to

Have you figured out what your brother was on about last night?




For extra practice, see our posts on phrasal verbs HERE and HERE. They include essential advice for the learning of phrasal verbs.

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