Making decisions:

The best grammar forms to use in decision making are conditionals HERE and modal verbs HERE to be able to speculate about what might occur if you make a specific decision. Try to express your opinion HERE in different ways and give reasons for your answers using because/as/since (+ clause) and because of/owing to/on account of/due to (+ ing/noun).

Discuss the decision making situations for about 3 minutes with a partner:

  1. You have been offered two different jobs on graduation from university; one is abroad whereas the other is in your home town. Which do you accept?
  2. You have the option of working full-time or part-time. You can get by on a part-time salary, but will not be well-off. Which would you prefer, a higher salary or more free time?
  3. After 5 years of a long term relationship, you want to make the next step. Will you get married, have a child or get a mortgage?
  4. You have the summer off work and would like to learn something new. Which would you like to study, a language, how to play an instrument or something else?
  5. You have put on quite a lot of weight recently and you want to lose some. How could you get your weight down, join a gym, start jogging or go on a diet?
  6. You have come into a lot of money recently and would like to invest it in something worthwhile. Which would you go for, a small business or the stock market?




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