Fill in the gaps with 1-3 word so both sentences mean the same thing:


  1. I succeeded in reaching the mountain´s summit.

I managed ________ the top of the mountain.

  1. I would like to work as a teacher.

I would be really happy ___________  a teacher.

  1. Would you mind helping out with my homework tonight?

Will you ________ with my homework tonight?

  1. He said he would not help me.

He __________ to help me.

  1. They said that they didn´t have anything to do with the crime.

They _______ being involved in the crime.

  1. You ought to tell me the truth.

It would be ____________ to tell me the truth.

  1. He has a keen interest in wildlife.

He is really ____________ wildlife.

  1. I would be angry if I discovered that he did it.

I would be angry if I found ________ that he did it.

  1. Can you pick me up from the airport on Monday morning?

Would you be able to _________ me from the airport on Monday morning?

  1. “Do you want to make up? He asked after the argument.

After the argument he asked if I wanted _________ peace.

  1. He would always wear a suit to work on Thursdays.

He always _________ to wear a suit to work on Thursdays.

  1. I can´t wait to see you next week dad.

Dad and I were excited about seeing each _______.

  1. He always talks alone while he is studying.

He always talks to __________ while he is studying.

  1. Do you have a good relationship with your teachers?

Do you ________ on with your teachers well?

  1. I can´t wait to see all of the sights that the city has to offer.

I am looking forward to ___________ the city and sights.

  1. I became annoyed about the waiter´s mistake.

The waiter made a mistake and I___________ really angry.

  1. I will do all my homework if I have time available.

I won´t do my homework ________ I have time to do it.

  1. Unless you get here on time, you won´t get to buy popcorn.

__________ not arrive on time, you will not be able to buy popcorn.

  1. I could learn German fluently if I lived in Cologne.

I __________ be able to learn German well if I resided in Cologne.

  1. I should learn more about the conditional tenses.

I would learn the conditionals better if I __________.





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