Fill in the gaps with 1-3 words so that the sentences have the same meaning


  1. Are you as tall as your siblings?

Are you the ___________ tall as your brothers and sisters?

  1. How far have you travelled recently?

What is the _________ that you have travelled recently?

  1. I am better than all the rest.

I am by far __________ of the bunch.

  1. If you were as good as me, would you compete?

Would you compete if you could perform as _________ me?

  1. I like running more than hiking.

I am _______ keen on hiking than running.

  1. He has more friends than me.

I have _________ friends than him.

  1. I can spare a little time if you like.

I have a little _______ free time if you want.

  1. My wife usually sleeps in longer than me.

My wife tends to sleep for more ______________ me in the morning.

  1. Their car cost more than mine.

My car wasn´t _____________ theirs.

  1. I wish I were as good-looking as you.

You are far __________________ me.

  1. I last went to South America 10 years ago.

I have _____________ to South America for 10 years.

  1. I am bored of football.

I find football ______________.

  1. It is more convenient to use public transport.

Using public transport __________ convenient to me.

  1. Ferries are slow compared to planes.

Ferries are slower in ____________ to planes.

  1. I am not as good at lying as you.

He is a much better ________ than me.

  1. We are still waiting for the results.

We have not received the results ________.

  1. I have been working here since 4 months ago.

I´ve been working here _________ months now.

  1. I can´t afford to go to the cinema.

I haven´t got ___________ to go to the cinema.

  1. How often do you arrange to meet friends?

How often do you make ________ to meet friends?

  1. Do you enjoy reading non-fiction books?

Are you _______ of reading non-fiction books?



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