We use conditionals to hypothesize, it can be about likely (probable) or even unlikely (improbable) events. See the grammar point HERE


  1. What would happen if it never rained again?
  2. What could happen if the polar ice-caps melted?
  3. What might happen if all insects became extinct?
  4. If all the plankton disappeared, what would happen?
  5. What would happen if we no longer could have children?
  6. What might happen if we didn´t recycle plastic?
  7. What would have happened if we had never invented electricity?
  8. If Spain suffered an extreme drought, what could happen?
  9. What would happen if global warming got worse?
  10. In the case of a huge natural disaster, what would you do?
  11. Supposing you saw a forest fire in your region, what would you do to prevent further damage?
  12. What would occur if there were another ice age?
  13. What would happen in the case of an alien attack on planet earth?
  14. What would life be like if humans were not the dominant species on planet earth?
  15. Would you agree that if global temperatures continue rising, we will have to change the way we live?



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