Rephrasing is an essential part of the B1 Preliminary English Exam. You need to know how to rephrase language to help others to understand you. See our post on the different grammar structures and vocabulary HERE. Also, we have a free Ebook with 50 rephrasing examples for B1 HERE


Try our 20 new rephrasing questions in PDF by filling in the gaps with 1-3 words:


  1. The name of the book is “Stonehenge”.

The book __________________ “Stonehenge”.

  1. People say that Rafa Nadal is the best.

It ________________ that Rafa Nadal is the best.

  1. The car was fixed in the garage.

They ___________ in the garage.

  1. It is the first time that I have heard that word.

I have ___________ that word before.

  1. I haven´t finished my sandwich yet.

I am _________________ my sandwich.

  1. It is amazing to finish a marathon in under 4 hours.

__________ a marathon in under 4 hours is amazing.

  1. I want to go to the cinema later.

I feel like _______________ to the cinema later.

  1. I have decided to take the B1 exam in May.

I have opted ____________ to take the B1 exam.

  1. The house is too small.

The house isn’t _____________.

  1. He eats far too much.

He should eat ____________.

  1. His brother is the tallest in the team.

His brother is ___________ the others in the team.

  1. Ian, a friend of mine, is super cool.

___________ Ian is super cool.

  1. He said that he is keen on swimming.

“I ____________ on swimming” He said.

  1. She is a talented singer.

She is ___________ at singing.

  1. I need my housemates for financial support.

I ___________ on my housemates for financial support.

  1. I generally go to the cinema once a week.

Once a week, I ___________ go to the cinema.

  1. I hardly ever go out any more.

I __________ never go out these days.

  1. Not all people enjoy eating fish.

Not every _____________ eating fish.

  1. Every day, things seem to be getting worse.

Things look like they are getting worse and worse, all ________.

  1. I am eager to learn to speak English fluently.

I _____________ learn to speak fluent English.



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