Fill in the gaps with 1-3 words so that the second sentence has the same meaning as the first:


  1. My dad has never been to Spain before.

It _______________ time that my dad has been in Spain.

  1. Have you studied German before?

Have you _________ studied German?

  1. I am still finishing my supper.

I have not finished my dinner ______.

  1. I arrived home 5 minutes ago.

I have _________ got home.

  1. We haven´t seen each other for a long time.

It´s a long time since we _________ each other.

  1. “I have never been In Albacete” said John.

John said that he ___________ been in Albacete before.

  1. “I am hungry” said Tuna.

Tuna told me that ___________ hungry.

  1. “My arm hurts” said Jacob.

Jacob informed me that he has a _______ in his arm.

  1. My best friend is a doctor.

My best friend works _________ a doctor.

  1. What do you do for a living?

What _______ profession?

  1. My dad called me last night to talk about my studies.

I __________ by my dad last night to talk about university.

  1. The course doesn´t cost as much as I had thought.

The course is ______________ I had thought.

  1. I would say that I eat enough fruit and veg.

I reckon that I eat ________ of fruit and veg.

  1. I would recommend swimming to keep fit.

___________ a great way to keep fit.

  1. I love listening to music while I am jogging.

I _________ of listening to music as I jog.

  1. I find it hard to keep up with my homework.

It __________ hard to do all of the homework.

  1. Everyone tells lies every now and again.

All _________ lie from time to time.

  1. Nearly all my friends have finished their exams already.

________ of my friends have already finished their exams.

  1. “It´s not warm enough to go to the beach Jacob; let´s go to the ball pit”.

“It is _______ cold to go to the beach Jacob; how about the ball pit?”.

  1. I had a few nightmares last night.

I _______ dreams last night.



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