This game is famous in the language learning field. The aim is for students to extend their speech. The rule is that the students cannot answer YES or NO. They must give a 20-30 second answer to each question and if they say YES or NO,.. They lose!


W e have provided 4 sets of questions in PDF for you all:


  1. Are you a fan of going out on weekends?
  2. Are you fed up of doing exams?
  3. Were you keen on watching documentaries as a child?
  4. Were you into eating fruit and vegetables when you were a kid?
  5. Are you going to get fed up of having long working hours in the future?
  6. Are you crazy about staying up all night at the weekends?
  7. Are you fond of smoking or drinking alcohol?
  8. Are you sick of having to tidy up your house?
  9. Are you tired of studying foreign languages?
  10. Are you interested in reading about sports in the news?


  1. Are you fond of eating seafood?
  2. Will you ever get fed up of cooking for people?
  3. Are you keen on washing the dishes?
  4. Are you crazy about any particular type of food?
  5. Were you into eating fruit as a child?
  6. Are you big on trying to cook new dishes?
  7. Are you interested in becoming a vegetarian?
  8. Have you ever eaten a really strange type of food?
  9. Would you like to be a professional chef?
  10. Is there any type of food that you can’t stand?


  1. Would you like to go to a restaurant this evening?
  2. Have you ever learnt a language apart from English?
  3. Will you be successful in the future?
  4. Are you interested in learning about other cultures?
  5. Would you like to learn how to cook?
  6. Have you got any plans for this year?
  7. Would you be happier if you moved abroad?
  8. Do you often work out?
  9. Would you like to have a pizza for dinner?
  10. Could you get by on a minimum wage salary?


  1. Are you happy?
  2. Is it easy to find a job in your country?
  3. Would you like to start watching a new TV series soon?
  4. Have you ever spoken English to an English person?
  5. Could you learn English faster if you lived in Britain?
  6. Would you like to work part time?
  7. Have you come up with a plan for the future?
  8. Do you usually save any of your salary?
  9. Would you like to change anything about your life?
  10. Did you go abroad on holiday last summer?






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