Intercambioidiomasonline is a fast growing language learning platform for English that works to link foreign language learners and teaching professionals together. The aim of this site is to encourage social interaction and bridge gaps between cultures. For this reason our clients are both language teachers and language learners that wish to advance their language skills and learn about foreign cultures; All our language learning material is freely available and downloadable in PDF.


There are many advantages to learning a language online, including: flexibility, personalization, convenience and price. Yes, that´s right! Studying online is far more flexible as classes and resources can be accessed 24/7. Due to the classes being one-to-one, they can be personalized and the learner can dictate the pace and content of classes; all of this from the convenience of your own home or office. The final thing is hard to believe, but our students will be pleasantly surprised at the prices of classes and they will find them far more reasonable that in a language school. The advances in new technologies have opened up a whole new range of possibilities and therefore, learners can study from their homes, without the need to go to a language school; isn´t that convenient?

Our site offers an abundance of free English teaching-learning resources that are available both on the platform and in PDF format. The use of language textbooks is becoming outdated, and our goal is to facilitate the learning of languages with structured and easy to use resources in a communicative way.


The teaching blog has a wide range of teaching advice, written by expert teachers and linguists, which gives practical examples of how to enhance language learning in a consistent and logical way. The teachers on this site are all also language learners and therefore contribute to sharing their experience and methods to help out the entire community of language learners.


Try our innovative method START to enhance your language learning. We focus on promoting key language learning principles to help you all to save time, learn more effectively and have a clear stuctured way of acquiring language in an enjoyable way. The Method START is a tried and tested way of improving your language skills and can also be adapted to any language. Our original method seeks to empower language learners to take responsibility for their own learning and the method is based on these basic principles: flexibility, consistency, communication, enjoyment and repetition.

The site offers a platform that brings together a large language learning community to link teachers to English language learners, and also language learners with similar goals so that they can practise. There is a huge importance of practising language in real life contexts, and this is what this platform offers. Not only will learners have access to language learning theory and practical examples, they will also have the opportunity to put it all into practice.

Whether your language learning goal is to enhance your career prospects, train company staff, prepare for official exams or simply to learn for fun; we have the perfect tool for doing it. So what are you waiting for?




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