What is an article?


An article is a simple word (a, an, the) that is used to determine a particular noun (item or object)

Un articulo es un determinante (a, an, the) para definir un sustantivo o nombre


Types of articles:

THE (Definite article)

We use the definite article to speak about specific things:

Usamos el articulo definido para especificar:

Singular eg. Can you pass me the pen, please?  (the pen we were talking about)

Plural eg. I have got the apples that you asked for.


A/AN (Indefinite articles)

We use the indefinite articles to speak about non specific things:

Usamos el articulo indefinido si NO QUEREMOS especificar:

Singular eg. I would like a sandwich please.         (any sandwich will be fine)

Singular eg. I would like an egg for breakfast


TAKE NOTE: it is the sound of the nouns that indicates if it is a or an, For instance:

an hour (silent H)

a euro (we pronounce it y-euro)


—- (Zero article)

We use the zero article to speak about general things:

No usamos articulo para hablar en general sobre algo:

Singular (uncountable) eg. Time goes very quickly in my German class.

Plural eg. Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on the planet.


TIP: to avoid errors and mistakes with the people

Consejo: evita los fallos con the people

Use everyone/ everybody + singular

Everyone at the party had a good time

Everybody thinks that I am a great teacher


Remember this: TIME – We DO NOT use ‘the’ when referring to times of the day, particular days, years, seasons or months:

Recordad: TIEMPO – no usamos THE con estas expresiones

dawn, dusk, daybreak, midday, 9.30pm, 5.45am, Monday, Wednesday, January, October, 1487, 2014


Study the examples:

the last week/month/year

He visited his grandma last week

the next week/month/year

I am going on holiday next week



PLACES – We DO NOT use ´the´ when referring to certain places

LUGARES – NO USAMOS THE para hablar de estos sitios

College/university, school, hospital, town, church, class, court, bed, prison, home

I go to university at around 9 am

He should go to school earlier

I am in hospital as I need an operation

What time should we meet in town?

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