When we write a letter for the B1 exams, you need to make sure that you use the information in the question and respond to the letter. You need a clear introduction (thank the person for the letter) and a clear ending (say goodbye). For a plan of how to write an excellent letter, click HERE


Try writing these letters using real exam questions. Remember to plan your answers and check them for mistakes when you have finished:


A friend has written you a letter to ask for advice. Respond to the letter:

I´m thinking about going abroad to study for a year; I have to choose between going to the UK or the USA. Where would you recommend going? What should I do to prepare for it?


A friend of yours, Sarah, has written you a letter to talk about their holidays:

I went on an amazing trip last month and spent a lot of time outdoors. I prefer camping to staying in hotels. What about you? Would you like to come with us next time?


Your friend Tom is looking for a new job, help him choose:

I am sick of my job in the newspaper and I need a change. I have been offered a manual job as a gardener, but it is badly paid or I could go and work for my father´s business and earn more money. What should I do? Is money really that important?


Your sister is living in New Zealand and has invited you to come and visit:

Hi Marc, How are things? As you know, we are settled into our new house and we would love you and your wife Ines to come and see us. When do you have holidays? Do you fancy going to see where they filmed The Lord of the Rings?


Your friend has written you a letter about her family holidays:

My boyfriend wants me to go to New York with him and his family, but I don´t feel like it. I would rather go to the mountains with you. Would you like to arrange a trip together? Where could we go?