Quantifiers are words which show how many things or how much of something we are talking about. They are much, many, (a) little, (a) few, a lot (of), some, any, no, none, both, all, either, neither, each, every, (the) other(s), another.


SOME +/? SENTENCES I have some sweets in my backpack.
ANY -/? SENTENCES Do you have any sweets?
MUCH -/? UNCOUNTABLE SENTENCES I don´t like chocolate much.
MANY -/? COUNTABLE SENTENCES How many friends do you have?
SEVERAL SYNONYM OF VARIOUS I have several pets at home.
A FEW +/? COUNTABLE SENTENCES I would like a few chips with my meal.
A LOT (OF) +/? SENTENCES I have a lot of free time.
PLENTY OF + SENTENCES He has plenty of money.


*be careful with the quantifiers in use. Some can only be used in spoken English in the +/-/?



Generally used with uncountable nouns

A bottle of                          I would like a bottle of water

A glass of                           Can I have a glass of wine?

A bar of                              I am eating a bar of chocolate

A jar of                                I bought a jar of jam

A tin of                                I need a tin of pineapple

A bag of                              I want a bag of crisps

A slice of                             I have a slice of cheese for supper

A rasher of                         I would like a rasher of bacon

A bowl of                            For breakfast I eat a bowl of cereal

A mug of                             I would like a mug of tea

A pint of                             I always drink a pint of beer after work

A spoonful of                    Put in a spoonful of sugar

A carton of                        Buy a carton of milk please

A piece of                          Can I have a piece of bread please?

A tube of                            I put a tube of tomato puree in the sauce

A can of                              Can I drink a can of fanta?

A loaf of                             Could you buy a loaf of bread?

A packet of                         I am going to buy a packet of biscuits

A box of                              We need a box of pasta to make dinner

A jug of                                Can you put a jug of water on the table?



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