We use the passive voice in 3 situations:

  1. When the subject is not known

e.g. Someone killed the president

The president was killed (by someone)

  1. When the subject is obvious

e.g. The cleaner has cleaned the office

The office has been cleaned (by the cleaner)

  1. When the subject is not important

e.g. Alex Huckle eats all of the pies.

All of the pies are eaten by Alex Huckle


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The best way to form the passive is with this simple 5 step rule:

Active =         The man swept the floor last Friday.

Passive =       The floor was swept by the man last Friday.

*you can omit by the man because it is irrelevant

  1. Object – singular or plural
  2. Tense – conjugate the verb to be in this tense
  3. Verb – past participle
  4. Subject – can it be omitted? (unknown, obvious, irrelevant)
  5. Complements – extra information


An important part of the passive is knowing how to conjugate the verb to be.

Present simple = is/are

Present continuous = is/are being

Present perfect = has/have been

Past perfect = had been

Past simple = was/were

Going to = is/are going to be

Would = would be

Can = can be

Will = will be

Must = must be

Could = could be

Might = might be

Should = should be

Modal perfect = would/could/might/should have been




  1. What could be done to control the amount we use technology?
  2. When was the last time you had your car fixed?
  3. Is it said in your country that social media is very addictive?
  4. Will language learning be made easier thanks to technology?
  5. Who was your company set up by?
  6. Have you ever had your computer repaired by a professional?
  7. How will education be influenced by technology in the future?
  8. Is it widely believed that we are becoming very addicted to technology?
  9. Has your life been improved by technology?
  10. What would you do if you go mugged in the street?
  11. Is it thought that technology will change the way we live in the future?
  12. Is technology generally considered to have a good impact on our lives?
  13. Could your job be replaced by something technological like a robot or a computer?
  14. Who have you been taught English by?
  15. Is it said that the internet is a reliable source of information?