1. Do you find it easy to come up with a plan of action when you are under pressure?
  2. Have you ever bumped into an old friend in an unlikely place?
  3. Would you be keen to take up learning another foreign language in the future?
  4. Are you looking forward to going away on holiday next summer?
  5. What types of situations do you find it difficult to put up with?
  6. How often do you get to hang out with friends?
  7. When was the last time you checked out a new city in your country and did some sightseeing?
  8. Can you get by in any other language, apart from your mother tongue or English?
  9. Do you generally get rid of possessions that you don´t use, or do you keep hold of them?
  10. Where do you go and what do you do when you want to chill out?



Phrasal verbs Vocabulary boost:

For more exercises, see our post on phrasal verbs with activities HERE


Hobbies and free time

Carry on – continue

Get (a)round to – start (after planning)

Get up to – do sth/do sth you shouldn´t

Go off – stop liking

Get into – start liking

Join in – participate in

Calm down – relax

Put off – delay

Be into – like

Put up with – tolerate

Stand for – tolerate/protect or defend

Take up – start doing

End up – final result

Take to – become good at

Hang out (with) – spend time (with)

Call off – cancel


Travel and getting around

Get/go away – go on holiday/escape

Set off – start a journey

Hold up – delay

Pick up – collect

Get around – move from place to place

Drop off – leave in a place

Get back – return

Make for – head in a direction

Check in – enter a hotel/flight

Check out – leave a hotel

Take off – the plane leaves the ground

Look around – explore

Hurry up – go faster

Check out – look at sth

Look forward to – be excited about

See off – say goodbye at the airport etc.

Catch up with – get to the same point as


Education and lifestyles

Drop out (of) – stop studying/going to school

Deal with – handle/cope with

Get on with – continue doing

Think over – consider

Get at – suggest

Catch on – understand

Go for – choose

Be into – like

Find out – discover information

Fall behind – not do sth fast enough

Go over – review

Go into – begin to describe in detail

Get away with – not be caught or punished

Make up – invent information or a story

Take down – write down

Take in – understand


Work and obligations

Carry out – do sth/realize an action

Back out (of) – decide not to

Turn down – reject

Set up – start a business

Stand in for – substitute

Bring out – start selling a new product

Keep on – continue

Work away – work abroad

Work on – spend time to try to perfect sth

Work out – solve or find a solution

Catch up (on/with) – reach the same level as sb

Take to – become good at/become a habit

Go over – review

Opt out of – decide not to

Take over – take control of

Take on – hire/employ


Money and spending

Bank on – depend

Buy (sth) up – purchase large amounts of sth

Buy (sb) out – pay to have control of a business

Come across – find sth or meet by chance

Come by – visit

Save up (for) – keep a little money for sth

Get by – manage with little money

Do without – live without sth

Cash in on (sth) – sell sth for profit

Give away – give as a gift

Take back – return sth to the shop

Put by – save money for the future

Sell out – not have any left/sell all of sth

Pay (sth) off – pay all of sth

Pay up – give sb the money you owe them

Save ($) on (sth) – avoid spending money on sth



Clock in – record when people start work

Clock out – record when people finish work

Take off – spend time away from work

Press on – continue working

Run out (of) – not have any left/remaining

Get together – meet to spend time together

Fit in – find time to do sth

Hang out (with) – spend time with

Get up to – do sth/ do sth you shouldn´t

Be up to – do sth

Hang on – wait

Mess around – waste time doing sth



Eating and drinking

Go for – choose

Eat out – eat in a restaurant

Go/keep on – continue

Put off – make sb not want sth any more

Run out of – not have any left

Eat/drink up – eat or drink all of sth

Try out – experiment with

Take to – begin to like

Throw away/out – put in the rubbish

Wash up – clean the dishes

Turn out – have a particular result


Health and fitness

Feel up (to) – feel well enough to

Cut down (on) – reduce the amount of

Get over – recover from

Give up/in – stop doing

Look after – take care of

Put on – gain weight

Pass out – faint/become unconscious

Work out – do exercise

Go/come down with – become ill

Bring on – cause an illness

Warm up – prepare for sth

Swell up – become inflamed

Get rid of – throw/give away or sell

Pull through – recover from

Pass away – die


People and their lives

Bring up – start talking about sth

Get at – suggest

Grow up – become older

Look up to – admire

Pass away – die

Get along (with) – have a good relationship

Stick to – continue doing the same

Chill out – relax

Get into – start liking

Go off – stop liking

Stay up – not go to bed

Stay out – not go home

Stay in – not go out

Fit in with – be assimilated into friends

Stand out – be different/remarkable

Put up with – stand for


Technological advances

Build up – construct a lot of buildings

Find out – discover information

Work on – dedicate time to perfect sth

Work out – find a solution/resolve

Carry out – perform an experiment

Come on – make progress

Come up with – think of

Turn into – become/change into

Plug in – connect to a power supply

Turn off – stop  machine from working

Come off – succeed

Look forward to – be excited about


Wildlife and the environment

Call off – cancel

Call for – require

Cut down (on) – reduce

Cut out – stop using/doing

Cut down (trees) – chop trees down

Clear up – when the weather becomes better/clean

Throw away – get rid of/put in the bin

Put down to – suggest that sth is the result of sth

Stand for – represent sth

Stand up for – defend/protect

Look after – take care of

Give off – emit (fumes etc.)

Die out – when all of sth dies

Face up to – accept as true


Life, crime and society

Give up/in – stop doing

Back down – stop demanding sth

Get away with – not be punished for sth

Look into – investigate

Be into – be interested in

Get away – escape

Lock up – put in prison

Blow up – explode

Run away – flee/ escape by running

Beat up – attack with violence

Tell off – shout at

Let off – not punish/forgive

Break in – force entry


Design and creativity

Lay out – plan

Work out – solve/plan

Dream up – create an idea

Set out – organize/arrange

Make up – create a story/information

Go over – review

Set up – start and prepare for an activity

Think over – consider

Wear out – become exhausted or unusable

Grow out of – develop from a certain point

Do away with – get rid of

Draw up – create a plan of action

Dress up – get well dressed/put on a costume

Cut out – stop using/doing sth


Happiness and relationships

Fall out with – argue with

Fall for – fall in love with

Get on with – be friends with

Get along with – have a good relationship with

Look up to – admire

Look down on – think badly of

Make up – make peace

Stand up for – protect/defend

Put up with – tolerate

Pick on – tease/make fun of

Put down – criticize

Look after – take care of

Go out with – be in a relationship with

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