1. Are you good at listening activities in English?
  2. Are you worried about getting good marks at school?
  3. Have you ever been surprised by a grade you got on an exam?
  4. Do you ever dream about going to university?
  5. Are you looking forward to passing all of your exams?
  6. Who do you talk to when you are concerned about your studies?
  7. Have you ever been accused of cheating on an exam?
  8. What does your favourite subject at school/university consist of?
  9. Do you depend on anyone to help you with your homework?
  10. Do you ever argue with your classmates?
  11. Have you ever complained about a teacher at school/university?
  12. Are you addicted to studying any subject?
  13. Which aspect of English (reading, writing, listening or speaking) are you most fond of?
  14. Are you capable of learning new vocabulary easily?
  15. Which languages are you interested in learning in the future?
  16. Are you crazy about travelling and practising your foreign languages?
  17. Are you excited about the summer holidays?
  18. Are you aware of the grants you can get to study abroad?
  19. Do you ever laugh at people when they make mistakes in class?
  20. When was the last time you arrived at school/university late?




Here are the word patterns from this post. If you find word patterns challenging, you should review these exercises HERE and also our vocabulary boost series HERE


adjective + preposition

be worried about

be interested in

be crazy about

be concerned about

be fond of

be good at

be keen on

be bad at

be able to

be excited about

be afraid of

be scared of

be surprised by/with

be addicted to

be aware of

be capable of

be rude to/about

be polite to/about


verb + preposition

arrive at/in

accuse of

argue with/about

blame on

consist of

depend on

escape from

dream about/of

insist on

look forward to

recover from

talk to/about

thank for

think about/of

get to

forgive for

look at/with

count on




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