When writing at B1 level, it is important to remember that the examiner wants the text to be simple. It needs to be easy to read and have few errors with the use of simple grammar structures. It also needs to include some complex grammar (modal verbs, conditionals, passive, reported speech, relative clauses). DO NOT OVER COMPLICATE IT! Look at the example texts to see how it is done.

  1. Rephrasing: In this part you need to complete the second sentence with 1-3 words so that it has the same meaning as the first. IF YOU CAN USE THE SAME WORD, DO IT! DON´T LOOK FOR A SYNONYM IF IT IS NOT NECESSARY.

Focus on these grammar points:

Passive, comparatives, reported speech, conditional 1st and 2nd, quantifiers, connectives and cohesive devices, vocabulary based, tense changes (past simple to present perfect simple), modals





Someone killed the man at his home last week.

The man ………………………. at his home last week.

Answer: was killed


Reported speech

“I ate a sandwich for lunch” said Inés.

Inés said that she …………………….. a sandwich for lunch.

Answer: had eaten


Tense change

I have been to Italy before.

I ……………………….. Italy last year.

Answer: went to



Alex is much taller than his cousin.

Alex´s cousin isn´t …………………………… him.

Answer: as tall as


Gerund vs infinitve

I fancy going out later.

I would like …………………. out later.

Answer: to go



There were only a few people at the party.

There weren´t ……………………… at the party.

Answer: many people



I didn´t manage to get to work on time.

I ………………….. get to work on time.

Answer: couldn´t



If you tell me the truth, I can help you.

I can´t help you ……………………….. me the truth.

Answer: unless you tell




  1. Our restaurant opened its doors about 4 months ago.

Our restaurant ________________ for about 4 months.

  1. It took us 2 months to learn how to drive.

We spent __________________ to drive a car.

  1. The man was run over on the motorway.

Someone ________________ the man on the motorway.

  1. You should ask for help if you don´t understand the exercise.

You ____________to  ask for help if you don´t know what to do.

  1. There are 7 cars in the car park.

The car park ____ 7 cars in it.

  1. The group played 17 of their greatest hits.

____________ 17 of their greatest hits played at the consert.

  1. I was very pleased to finally pass the exam.

It was _________ to pass the exam in the end.

  1. The train was so late that we missed the concert.

We missed the concert ______________ the train being late.

  1. It was almost 10 am before we left for school.

We didn´t leave for school _________ 10 am.

  1. I won´t go to the cinema unless I finish studying for the exam.

If I finish studying for the exam _____________ go to the cinema.

  1. Until now, I haven´t even thought about my career.

Until now, I have __________ about my career.

  1. So far, we have only had 4 pints of beer.

So far, we haven´t ______________ a fifth pint of beer.

  1. James said “Can I borrow you car, please?”

James asked ____________ could borrow $10.

  1. My brother lent me a bike for the race weekend.

I __________ brother´s bike for the race weekend.

  1. You ought to study more vocabulary.

I think you _____ better study more vocabulary.

  1. If I were you, I´d call your dad sometime this week.

Sometime this week you ___________ dad.

  1. I won´t ring you later if I forget.

________ I forget, I will call you later

  1. If I had your ability, I would go to the try-outs.

You ___________ go to the try-outs with your ability.

  1. We discovered some great news at the weekend.

We _________ out some great information at the weekend.

  1. She turned into a star in no time.

She became a star very _____________.

  1. What do you enjoy doing in the evening?

What are ________ on doing in the evening?

  1. It is easy to pass the exam with a little help.

I ___________ easy to get a good grade with some help.

  1. I hate reading the newspaper at work.

I _________stand reading the newspaper at work.

  1. He hardly ever goes on school trips.

He almost ____________ the school trips.

  1. She always listens to music in class.

She listens to music in class all _________.

  1. I have several friends in Berlin.

In Berlin I have _________ of friends.

  1. There are only a few people in the class.

There ___________ people in the class.

  1. There are some problems with the organisation of the course.

The organisation of the course __________ some problems.

  1. There isn´t much time to take up an extracurricular activity.

There is __________ time to start an extracurricular activity.

  1. I have lots of reasons to be worried about him.

There are __________ reasons that I worry about him.

  1. “I´m going to do the cleaning on my own” said Helen.

Helen said that _____ going to do the cleaning by herself.

  1. “The mailman will deliver the letter later” Neil told John

Neil told John that the mailman _____ the letter later.

  1. “I´m thinking about travelling to Africa” said Ines.

Ines said _____ thinking about travelling to Africa.

  1. “Are you a fan of reading?” asked Laura.

Laura ____ am a fan of reading.

  1. “What do you fancy eating tonight?” asked Carlos.

Carlos asked ____ for dinner that night.

  1. I really learned a lot last term, the teacher was fantastic.

I had ____________ teacher last term, I learned a lot.

  1. I saw a strange person hanging around the supermarket.

As I was doing the shopping, I ____________ unusual person hanging around

  1. Could you lend me one euro so that I might have a snack?

Can I ___________ euro so that I can buy a snack?

  1. Where were you? The film has already started.

The film is _____ already and I have been waiting for you.

  1. They say that the English drink a lot of tea and eat cucumber sandwiches.

They say that __________ drink a lot of tea and they eat cucumber sandwiches.

  1. If you eat healthy food, you will have fewer health problems.

You won´t live very long _____ you eat healthy food.

  1. When you work out, you will feel unwind a lot.

You will probably feel more relaxed ______ do exercise.

  1. Would you consider losing weight if you were unfit?

_________ about losing weight if you needed to?

  1. Unless you explain the rules, I won´t know how to play.

I will only know how to play if _______ me the rules.

  1. As long as you finish the exercise programme, you will feel better.

_________ that you finish the exercise programme, you will feel better.

  1. Shoes can be repaired in the shop.

You _______ repair shoes in the shop.

  1. The murderer has killed someone at the theme park.

Someone has __________ the murderer at the theme park.

  1. A lot of cheese is produced around this region.

A local company ___________ the cheese in this region.

  1. It has been fabricated by local people in recent times.

Local people ____________ it recently.

  1. The clients are lying about the quality of the product.

A lie ______________ by the clients about the product.



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