Role-play is an essential part of language learning, as we learnt in a previous post (HERE). Students need to put themselves into simulated contexts to make sure that they know how to respond in typical situations, especially when at a basic or elementary level.

It may seem obvious, but for a role-play you need a minuimum of two people. They can also however be carried out in groups of 3,4 or 5 people. Before starting, you should all choose roles, such as SHOP ASSISTANT and CUSTOMER.



Can I help you?

Are you looking for anything in particular?

What can I do for you?

What will it be?

Do you need any help with anything?

How can I help you?



I am just looking thanks.

I want to buy ___

I need ____

I would like ___

I am looking for ___

I am after ___

Can I buy ___?

Do you have ___?

Is/Are there ___?

Where is/are the ___?

I was wondering if you have ___

Could you tell me where the ____ is/are?



Of course


Not problem

Let me see

Let me have a look

I will check for you

Maybe, I will look

I´m not sure, I´ll go and see



It is/They are great thanks

I like it/them, I´ll take it/them

Have you got a different colour?

How much does it/do they cost?

Do you have it in a different size?

What colour/size do you have this/these in?

How much is it/are they?

How much does it/do they cost?



Come with me to the till/check-out

I´ll just take them to the till/check-out

Do you need anything else?

Will that be all?



Can I pay by card?

Do you accept credit cards?

Is there a discount?

Do you have student discount?

Can you deliver it to my house?


(CUSTOMER) Problems:

Can I exchange this/these?

Can I return this/these?

I need to bring this back

Can I have my money back?

Could I have a refund, please?

This is faulty/broken

These don´t/This doesn´t work


Key words:

Suit = look good

Fit = be the correct size

Pay = give money for

Return = take back to the shop

Cost = the value of them



S = shop assistant

C = customer


S: Hello, Can I help you with anything?

C: No thanks, I am just looking


C: I have seen some trainers that I like. Do you have them in size 40?

S: I´ll just go and check…. Yes, here they are? You can try them on here

C: They are really nice, how much are they?

S: They cost $49

C: That´s not too expensive. I think I will take them. Do they suit me?

S: Yes, they are very cool

C: Ok. I´ll definitely take them then

S: I will just take them to the till for you

C: Thanks, can I pay with card?

S: Yes of course. That will be $49

C: Here you are thanks

S: Would you like a receipt?

C: Yes please. Do you have a bag?

S: Of course, here you are. Have a nice day!

C: You too! And thanks for your help

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