These are advanced level phrases that will help you to master the English language! Follow our vocabulary boost series HERE to achieve a C1 to C2 level vocabulary.


For example:

Shed light on – reveal information

Could you shed some light on what happened yesterday?


Eager = want

I am eager to improve my English.


Aware = be conscious of

I was not aware that you were our new teacher.


Keen (on) = like

I am keen on learning English on this website.


Naïve = unknowing

I wasted a lot of time when I started studying English because I was naïve.


Fancy = feel like

Do you fancy practising the speaking exam next week?


Unwind = relax

It is important to unwind after work.


Willing = be up for

I am willing to study every day in order to improve my English.


Reluctant = not intend on

I am reluctant to move to the USA until my English is much better.


Worth = be of value

Is it worth buying a book to learn English quicker?


Regret = feel bad

Do you regret having failed your exams? (Already happened and you feel bad)

I regret to inform you that you are going to fail the exam. (You will fail in the future)


Prevent (from) = impede

I prevented the problem from getting worse.


Manage = succeed in

I managed to pass the exam with ease.


Handle = deal with

How do you handle pressure at work?


Boast (about) = gloat

It is not a good idea to boast about your salary.


According (to)

According to my teacher, English is one of the easiest languages to learn.


Pick up = learn

Do you find it easy to pick up languages?


Bump into = see by coincidence

Last week I bumped into an old friend in the city centre.


Come up with = think of

My boss came up with an amazing new project at work.


Put up with = tolerate

I find it tedious to put up with foolish behaviour.


Brush up on = improve

I need to brush up on my understanding of phrasal verbs.


Let down = disappoint

When I fail exams, I feel really let down.


Mess about = use

Do you enjoy messing about with computers?


Hang out = spend time with

I love hanging out with friends at weekends?


Fit in = find your place

When you are a teenager, you normally try to fit in with other people.


Run out of = not have any left

We have run out of milk so we should go to the shop.


Drop out of = leave

I think it is a really bad idea to drop out of university.


Work = function

I will walk today because my car doesn´t work.


Take up = start doing

I would like to take up a new hobby in the near future.


Take to = become get into

I have taken to learning English a lot.




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