Role-play is an essential part of language learning, as we learnt in a previous post (HERE). Students need to put themselves into simulated contexts to make sure that they know how to respond in typical situations, especially when at a basic or elementary level.


It may seem obvious, but for a role-play you need a minuimum of two people. They can also however be carried out in groups of 3,4 or 5 people. Before starting, you should all choose roles, such as WAITER and CUSTOMER.


(Waiter) Typical questions:

Do you have a reservation?

Have you reserved?

Have you booked a table?


(Customer) with a reservation:

Yes, we have. We called earlier,

Yes, we do. We booked online.

Of course, it is under the name _____


(Customer) No reservation:

No, I haven´t reserved.

There are ___ of us. Is there a table?

Can I have a table for ___ people, please?

Do you have a table for ___ people, please?


(Waiter) Typical questions:

What would you like to order?

What can I get you?

What will it be?

What do you want to eat?

Anything to drink?

What would you like to drink?


(Customer) When you want to ask for something:

Can I order, please?

Can I place my order please?

Might you be so kind as to take our order please?

I would like to order ___

I will have ___

I´ll take ___

I want ___

Can I have ___?

Can I get ___?

Can you bring me ___?

Do I need to order at the bar?


*To be polite, the customer and waiter should always say please and thank you.


(Waiter) Typical questions:

Would you like anything else?

Anything else?

Everything alright?

Can I get you anything else?

How was your meal?

Would you like to see the dessert menu?

Will that be all?

Would you like anything else to drink?


(Customer) typical phrases:

Everything is fine thanks.

The meal was great thanks.

It was delicious thank you.


(Waiter) Typical phrases:

Coming right up.

Of course.

I´ll see what I can do.

I will get your drinks/food straight away.


(Customer) Questions:

Can I have the bill please?

Can we have coffee with the dessert?

Can I pay by card please?

Is the tip included in the bill?


*Tipping in Britain is optional and based on the quality of the service. In other countries it is different, in the USA it is customary to leave about 15%.


(Waiter) Questions:

Would you like to pay with card?

Are you paying all together?


(Customer) Problems with the meal:

My meal is cold.

It is too spicy, hot, cold, salty, sweet.

This isn´t what I ordered.

Sorry, but I asked for ___ and this is ___

Can I change ___ for ___?



W: waiter

C: Customer


W: Good evening, do you have a reservation?

C: Yes, we have booked a table for 4

W: Great. Might you tell me which name it is under?

C: The name is Huckle

W: Ok, I have it here. Would you all like to follow me and I will show you to your seats.

C: Would you like to order drinks?

W: Yes, please. We would like a bottle of red wine and a large bottle of water please.

C: Ok, here are the menus while I get your drinks

W: Here are your drinks. Have you decided what you would like to order?

C: Yes, can we have the roast chicken and two steaks please, and also a salad for my wife. She is a vegetarian.

W: Of course, how would you like the stakes?

C: Medium-rare please

W: Ok, coming straight away


W: Sorry, but who was the salad for?

C: It is for my wife.

W: Here you are. Can I get you anything else?

C: No, that is all thanks.

W: How was your meal?

C: Great thanks.

W: Would you like anything else?

C: No, just the bill please

W: Not even dessert?

C: No thanks

W: Ok, I´ll just go and get it for you then

C: Can we pay with card?

W: Sure

C: Thanks for everything

W: Ok, thanks and have a great evening



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