This post will explain grammar related to preferences. It is essential to understand the gerund and infinitive to get this grammar right. It also contains a speaking exercise for preferences.



In English we have various ways of talking about our preferences and expressing why we choose some things over others. We use preferences to explain what we like more than other thinks. Just like withe likes and dislikes, we have various synonyms for prefer. As well as having various words for choose (pick, select, go for) to be able to talk about our choices.

A great way to advance in your language skills is to use several synonyms. take a look at our vocabulary section for more key English vocabulary.

You should also study comparatives to talk about preferences

Study the different ways of saying prefer:

Prefer + ing = I prefer watching TV to listening to music

Would prefer + infinitive = I would prefer to read than draw

Would rather + bare infinitive = I would rather run than swim

Enjoy something more than something else = I enjoy eating chips more than eating mash

Like something more than something else = I like walking more than cycling

Have a preference for something = I have a preference for going to the cinema

Be keener on something = I am keener on learning German

Be fonder of something = I am fonder of listening to music

Have more of an interest in something = I have more of an interest in buying a new phone

Take more of a shine to something = I have taken more of a shine to the red pen

Be more of a fan of something = I am more of a fan of Italian food

Be bigger on something = I am bigger on eating out in restaurants


I prefer play video games than read

You should also study gerunds and infinitives to talk about preferences

Here are some questions for you to practice (additional questions HERE)

  1. Do you prefer reading the news or watching it on TV?
  2. Would you prefer to travel alone or with your family?
  3. Would you rather spend your money on clothes or on something else?
  4. Do you enjoy water sports more than ball sports?
  5. Are you keener on reading fiction or nonfiction books?
  6. Do you have a preference for any food over the rest?
  7. Were you fonder of any hobby as a child than you are now?
  8. Have you ever taken a shine to a career prospect?
  9. Are you more of a fan or learning any language other than English?
  10. Are you bigger on traveling abroad or staying in your own country?





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