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This post contains 5 C1 LEVEL ESSAY QUESTIONS for you to practice at home.


In class you have had a discussion about inequality and work. You have made the notes below:

Do the privileged few get a head start in life?

  • Stability in the home
  • Work contacts and opportunities
  • Time to hone one´s skills

Write an essay discussing two of the points given and explain the reasons behind your answer.


Recently, you have held a discussion in a university plenary about work-life balance. You have made the notes below:

Work is the pillar of society though it is obvious that people need to disconnect. Where is the balance?

  • Fulfilling one´s potential
  • Supporting family members
  • Using one´s time productively

Write an essay using two of the points and say what might be the most effective way of achieving a healthy work-life balance.


You have discussed young people and their future work prospects in class. You have made the notes below:

What might be the most effective strategy to prepare young people for work?

  • Work placements
  • Workshops in schools
  • Establishing links with local businesses

Write an essay discussing two of the points and say which should be implemented into the national curriculum.


You have watched a YouTube documentary in class about what young people can learn from past generations. Here are some notes from the video:

In which ways can young people learn from past generations?

  • Family stability
  • Work ethic
  • Managing money

Write an essay using two of the points and state which can be the most influential life lessons.


You have seen a documentary about the influence of culture on different societies. Find the notes from the documentary here:

How important is one´s culture in building a sense of identity?

  • Attitude towards education
  • Attitude towards their job
  • Relationship with friends and family

Write an essay choosing two of the points and state, which is most affected by a person´s cultural background.



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