The next word in our vocabulary boost series is ASK. ASK is a high frequency verb that can be used as a synonym of question, enquire or order. There are numerous collocations and phrasal verbs that are formed using ASK.


As recommended in our START method (HERE), you should always learn vocabulary as a short phrase and relate new words to synonyms and use them. Click (HERE) and (HERE) for advice on how to learn more vocabulary and HERE for an example of a great strategy to learn new words.


BE CAREFUL with ask. We do not use ask to someone. It is incorrect to say “I ask to my friend”.



To learn new collocations and word patterns you should create phrases using them and also do exercises (HERE)

Ask a question

Ask a favour

Ask about something

Ask someone something

Ask for something

Ask for directions

Ask to be excused

Ask for permission

Ask permission to do something

Ask whether or not

Ask after someone


Phrasal verbs:

The learning of phrasal verbs is best done using this method (HERE)


Ask out – invite on a date

Are you going to ask Sally out or what?


Ask for – order

In the restaurant, I asked for an apple juice


Ask after – enquire about the wellbeing of someone

Sam called and he was asking after your brother


Ask (a)round – ask if someone wants to come to your house

I asked my new girlfriend round to watch a movie 😉


Ask in – invite inside

Tom knocked on the door so I asked him in


Ask over – invite to one´s house

As his parents were on holiday, he asked his friends over for a barbeque



To learn how to use ASK you need to practice and put these words and collocations into your own words to be able to remember them.

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