The listening section of the ISE III (C1 level) Trinity exam has many advantages over its equivalents, but one obstacle in the preparation of this part of the exam is the availability of resources in order to practise it. I would recommend the use of videos on YouTube from ASAP science to be able to judge the level. Try watching the video once and giving a brief summary of what you have seen (without taking notes), then listen again and take notes to answer questions about it. In the exam you will know the question beforehand so it makes the note taking process a lot easier.


Exercise and diet:


  1. What is the best way to lose weight?
  2. Recent times have seen an increase in the addiction to sport and exercise, what could be the knock on effects of this?
  3. There are many strange ways of burning calories, what is the one that most surprised you?
  4. Is it important to have regular meal times?
  5. Does eating high calorie food just before bedtime make you put on weight?
  6. Some people state that you should watch what you eat, but what does this mean exactly?
  7. Nutritionists are always changing their mind about what is the best way to eat. How do we know who to believe?
  8. How often should we eat out per week?
  9. Is it ever a good idea to eat fast food?
  10. Is it healthy to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet?




The use of illegal drugs:


  1. In recent years we have seen a sharp increase in the number of accidental deaths due to drug use. What is the cause of this?
  2. Should drugs like cocaine be legalized in order to control their consumption?
  3. Crime related to drugs only exists because of the illegality of them. How far do you agree?
  4. Would you say that it is normal for teenagers to experiment with drugs such as marijuana?
  5. Should alcohol be made illegal?
  6. Why do humans consume mind altering substances such as LSD and acid?
  7. Do you know anyone with a drug problem? What problems did they have due to this terrible addiction?
  8. It is known that not all people who consume drugs become addicts, so is it ever ok to take drugs?






  1. 45% of people quit their new year´s resolution or plan after just one month. What are the best ways to keep motivated?
  2. How can money be a good motivator?
  3. How far is enjoyment a key factor in motivation?
  4. Is it important to be focussed on a goal to stay motivated?
  5. 63% of gym memberships go unused because people sign up for the wrong reasons. What is the best way to make you stick to your plan?
  6. What is mental contrasting and how does it aid motivation?
  7. What is “what the hell” effect?
  8. Can collaborating with other people help you to keep motivated and stick to your goal?






  1. Why do people enjoy lounging around and doing nothing?
  2. Exercise releases dopamine in our brain and essentially makes us happy. So why do dome people avoid it?
  3. Is our tendency to do exercise genetic?
  4. Why are some people innately more active than others?
  5. To what extent is laziness in our free time related to a lack of work ethic?
  6. Which environmental factors are involved with being lazy?
  7. What stereotypes do people have about people who are overweight or appear lethargic in the way that they work?
  8. Is doing more exercise always a good idea?
  9. Why can exercise become addictive?
  10. In which ways does our current society promote a lazy lifestyle, especially in our free time?



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