The next word in our vocabulary boost series is HAND. HAND is not such a high frequency verb but it can be used as a synonym of give, pass, help and own. There are numerous collocations and phrasal verbs that are formed using HAND.


As recommended in our START method (HERE), you should always learn vocabulary as a short phrase and relate new words to synonyms and use them. Click (HERE) and (HERE) for advice on how to learn more vocabulary and HERE for an example of a great strategy to learn new words.



To learn new collocations and word patterns you should create phrases using them and also do exercises (HERE)

Hand it to someone

First hand

Second hand

Be on hand

Have at hand

Be handy

A pair of hands

Be on hand

Give someone a hand

Do something by hand

Lend a hand

Be dealt a good/bad hand

Give a big hand to – clap/applaud

Live hand to mouth – be poor

Wait on someone hand and foot – help a lot

Force someone´s hand – obligate

Hold hands


Phrasal verbs:

The learning of phrasal verbs is best done using this method (HERE)

Hand out – distribute

The teacher handed out the exams to the nervous candidates

Hand over – give

Would you hand over the key, please?

Hand back – return something to someone

Could you hand me back my pen, please?

Hand in – give to someone

We handed in our assignments last week

Hand off – block in rugby

I handed off the number 8 so he couldn´t tackle me


To learn how to use HAND you need to practice and put these words and collocations into your own words to be able to remember them.

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