The next word in our vocabulary boost series is SEE. SEE is a high frequency verb that can be used as a synonym of view, attend to, predict and monitor. There are numerous collocations and phrasal verbs that are formed using SEE.


As recommended in our START method (HERE), you should always learn vocabulary as a short phrase and relate new words to synonyms and use them. Click (HERE) and (HERE) for advice on how to learn more vocabulary and HERE for an example of a great strategy to learn new words.



To learn new collocations and word patterns you should create phrases using them and also do exercises (HERE)

Turn and see

See somebody home – accompany someone to their house

Long time no see

Let me see

Let´s see

Come and see

Wait and see

Go and see

See and be seen

See from a long distance

See for a long time

Go sightseeing

see the sights

See a film/show/performance/match


Phrasal verbs:

The learning of phrasal verbs is best done using this method (HERE)

See out – accompany to the door

As my boss was leaving the meeting, the secretary saw her out

See out – finish something

I hated my degree but for the sake of my future, I decided to see it out

See to – attend to

We are overwhelmed at work so we better set to work as soon as possible

See off – say goodbye to someone

My parents saw me off at the airport before my trip around Europe

See about – attend to/ deal with

It´s high time we saw about the troubles you are having at work

See through – not be taken in by

I could see through his lies from the very beginning

See over – monitor

My tutor insisted on seeing over my thesis

See into – predict

Some people claim to be able to see into the future



To learn how to use SEE you need to practice and put these words and collocations into your own words to be able to remember them.

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