Questions that could be included in the FIRST for schools exam:

To see a full review of what is included in the speaking test in the B2 FIRST from Cambridge Exam English, click the following link HERE

The FIRST for schools varied from the adult version in the types of questions that they will ask. The questions are directed at students below 18 years of age so they will ask questions relevant to their interests and in accordance to their life experience.


Work and careers

  • Would you say that teenagers are well prepared for the working world in school?
  • What can be tough about choosing a career?
  • Do your parents have a big influence on your career choice?
  • Do you listen to your friend´s or parents´ advice most when looking into careers?
  • Does academic testing aid you in selecting a career path?
  • Would you prefer to carry out your higher education here or abroad?
  • Do you ever take on more work than you can handle?
  • How do you usually get ahead with your work or studies?
  • Would you be keen to do a work placement in the near future?
  • Have you ever had any work experience?
  • Do you get upset if you fail at something?
  • What would you like to do in the future?
  • Could you get used to arriving on time for meetings?
  • Do you find it easy to make a good first impression?
  • Do you ever suffer from burn out?
  • Should students ever fill in for their classmates when they don´t fulfill their responsibilities?


Language learning

  • What do you like most about learning English?
  • What do you least enjoy about language learning?
  • Why might English be useful for you in the future?
  • If you had the choice, which language would you start learning?
  • Which would you say is the most useful foreign language nowadays?
  • Are you interested in any languages other than English?
  • Why do you think English has become the international language?
  • Do you have any English speaking friends?
  • Have you ever spoken to a native English speaker?
  • Are you a fan of watching English or American films?
  • How often do you practice your English?
  • What encouraged you to start learning English?
  • Would you say that repetition is an important part of language learning?
  • How can English language learners improve their listening skills?




For further questions at B2 level, click the link HERE

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