1. Would you say you spend too much time doing unnecessary things?
  2. What is your opinion of people who are obsessed with their stuff?
  3. Why do some people become addicted to things easily, whereas others do not?
  4. What can be the difficult part about finishing high school or university?
  5. Have you had to make any difficult decisions recently?
  6. It is said that working in something you enjoy is the key to happiness. How far do you agree?
  7. When is the best time of year to take a vacation?
  8. Do you find it easy to work on your weaknesses?
  9. Would you look forward to university if you know that you would learn your calling in life?
  10. If you had lost your job during the economic recession, would you get by easily while living in the countryside?
  11. When you grow up, do you think that you will live in a large city or a small town/village?
  12. Would you say that children who are brought up in a large city learn more about life than those who lived in a small city or a small village?
  13. How would you say that cities will change in the future?
  14. Would you consider yourself a competitive person?
  15. Which things are worth putting lots of effort into to make sure you succeed?
  16. Have you ever lost at something that you had tried really hard in?
  17. Do you think winning is an important aspect of life?
  18. Some say that taking part is what counts, not winning, would you agree with this statement?
  19. Many people suffer envy in their lives because they see life as one big competition. Does the same thing happen to you?
  20. Can you solve problems with ease in your daily life?
  21. Do you have to do any monotonous chores at home?
  22. Should students plan their studies thoroughly?
  23. Do you need to study any subjects at school that you believe to be pointless?
  24. Are you able to learn languages quickly?
  25. How long have you been using the internet for your studies?
  26. Why are you always looking at your phone when we do our homework?
  27. Were you doing an assignment at 9pm last night?
  28. Would you be upset if you were carrying out a project and one of your classmates copied you?
  29. What are the benefits of developing technology to improve communication?
  30. Are you thinking of working in something technological in the future?
  31. Have you been creating any new study techniques recently?
  32. Can it be a tough task figuring out what career you want to go into?



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