1. Sleep: it is proven that sleep is an essential part of learning, the best formula is study in the evening + sleep + study again in the morning
  2. Mnemonic devices: you need to find simple ways of remembering information better, acronyms are a great way of doing this (see our post on mnemonics here)
  3. Water: all people need to be adequately hydrated to work well, but water is particularly important for the memory.
  4. Say it out loud: to remember vocabulary, you should say the words out load or even record your own voice; this helps you remember far more easily.
  5. Exercise: you may feel that doing exercise is a form of procrastination, but it is an essential part of our study routine.
  6. Write notes on paper: when you take notes, you should do it on paper in your own words, not on the computer. If you write on paper, it is easier to remember.
  7. Modification and adaptation: you should modify activities. Repetition is good, but you need to adapt the way you do things with small changes to reinforce memory.
  8. Rewards: you should give yourself small rewards to enhance learning. This will give you small bursts of dopamine (feel good hormone) and help you to remember.
  9. Interest: if you study about your interests, you remember much better.
  10. Do it with friends: You need to study with other people, in fact, it is much better if you do it with friends (see our post on study partners here)


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