Studying online can be one of the most convenient ways to study as it can be done from home and it can fit around your routine. Many of the advantages have been discussed previously in The ADVANTAGES of being able to study languages online

What language learners need to do is make sure that the quality of the materials and langauge learning advice they receive is good so that they do not waste time. Also, the methodology of the langauge learning course needs to be well refined so that the learner continues to be motivated and inspired to keep on progressing.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is the contact with other people. It is far more difficult to keep your motivation if you feel isolated and alone in your studies. I have spoken in the past of the importance of having  a language learning partner.  and it is also essential to have contact with a tutor to ensure that you keep on track and progressing as you should. The courses at APPF.ES offer this opportunity through tutorials via google hangouts and live classes.

The advantages of studying online is that now technology is so advanced, we can easily access video, audio recording and correctable exercises. We must take advantage of these resources to make sure we learn effectively, EXAMPLE EXERCISE

One issue is to have access to oral practice and this is a thing that you can never get enough of. The key is consistancy and to join a conversation group. This is easily done and many tutor organize them frequently so thay students can continue to progress outside of class time.


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