As teachers and language learners we are always looking to encourge our students to use English outside of the classroom. We know that learning a language is far easier if we manage to incorporate it into our day to day lives but doing this is not always so easy. Where we live and the people we interact with in our day to day routine influence our ability to be able to use language, for example, learning Spanish in Birmingham (UK) is not very easy as there are not many spanish speakers living there.

There are many ways of finding oportunities to speak the language that we are learning such as application on our mobile phones, personally arranged language exchanges or even (though it may sound crazy) speaking to ourselves, this is a proven method for enhancing fluency and speaking skills but in reality, these things are hard to innitiate or maintain. What I would suggest is finding a person who you can practise with. This site is easy to us and very efficient in finding language partners. Recommend it to your students or if you are a language learner, use it. ´The more you do, the more you learn´. The key is consistency, Use English everyday and you will learn.

Useful tip (for students): Try to find someone to practise with, someone with similar interests or a similar sense of humour. This will help to break down the language barrier and you will see your progress come on leaps and bounds. There are certain people we can communicate well with, just because.



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