The benefits of reading in the acquisition of a language are endless and should be used in all classrooms. Students need to be encouraged to read and enjoy a language in its written form. This helps with reviewing vocabulary, reinforcing grammar structures and (when read out loud) the development of phonetics. It is really important that students read at their level as it will avoid frustration and boredom. In the early stages of language learning children should read at a basic level with simple grammatical structures that repeat themselves, it is far easier to read at this level if the book uses rhythm and rhyme as it is easier to take in. I would recommend the graded books (below) as they are interesting, age appropriate and at the level that the students should be reading. We all learn this way and it is only through practice that we can improve. For older readers (9+) there are some of my favourite books that I read with my children, they will love them and wish to repeat them no end. In class they are great to build projects around and to lead to further learning. You can find videos and songs from the stories on Youtube.

Teaching tip: Make projects out of stories. Children will love the repetition and expansion of the stories and it really helps them to come to life. Use theatre, crafts and music to develop stories.

Suggested texts

Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds Phonics: Level 1+. Mixed Pack of 6 Oxford Reading Tree 2: More Songbirds Phonics. Pack (6 Books, 1 of each title) Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds Phonics: Level 3. Pack (6 Books, 1 of each title) Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds Phonics Level 4, More Stories: Mixed Pack of 6 (Familia W) Oxford Reading Tree Stage 6. Songbirds. Phonics: Pack (6 Books, 1 of Each Title) Older Children The Gruffalo (English and Chinese Edition) by Julia Donaldson (2015-09-02) Monkey Puzzle Big Book by Julia Donaldson (20-Sep-2002) Paperback Monkey Puzzle: Book and CD Pack by Julia Donaldson (2016-06-16) Zog. by Julia Donaldson by Julia Donaldson (2012-06-01) Night Monkey Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson (2012-04-01) New Julia Donaldson Collection 9 Books Set, (Night Monkey Day Monkey, Chocolate Mouse for greedy goose, One Mole Digging a Hole, Hippo has a Hat, Rosie’s Hat, One Ted Falls out of Bed, [Hardcover] The owl and Pussy cat, Superworm and Cave Baby New the Julia Donaldson Collection 11 Books Pack, (Night monkey and Day Monkey, the Gruffalo’s Child, Monkey Puzzle, Wake up Do Lydia Lou!, The Gruffalo song and other, Freddie and the Fairy, Wriggle and Roar!, Toddle Waddle, Goat Goes to Playgroup, Julia Donaldson Gruffalo Collection 13 Books Set (Gruffalo, Highway Rat, Stick Man, Tabby MacTat, One Mole, Hippo Has A Hat, Chocolate Mousse For Greedy Goose, Rosie’s Hat, One Ted, Night Monkey Day Monkey, Toddle Waddle, Wriggle and Roar, Cave Baby) (Gruffalo Collection)  ]]>

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